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Storm Windows
Wooden Storm Windows are our specialty. Built in the traditional fashion, to give you the insulation you want and at the same time keep the charm of your home. The storms are hung from two hangers on the top and either fastened with turn buttons on the bottom or operable hardware (seen above) that allow desired draft in the warmer months. Each storm is individually shaved to fit and when the job is done your storms will be a great value to your home. Our storms are a long-term solution to draftiness, street noise and heat loss prevention
Replacement Sash 
Custom Frames
Vintage Storm Window Company Products
The last thing we want to see is old homes tear out their craftsman windows because they think there is no solution for draftiness, chill, and rot in their older home's windows.

Your original windows have taken decades of abuse, Let Vintage help make them last that long again.

Replacement sash can be built to match sash that have rotted, had fire damage, or simply for a new addition. Our sash are the common standard of ​​​1-3/8 inch, but other dimensions are available upon request. Sash can be made custom with endless true-divided light patterns and also lead, zinc and stained glass panels. 

Replacement double-hung sash are built with traditional rope slots to be easily reinstalled in your existing frame
Frames are made form solid fir. They can be built to match existing units in the home or Vintage with the help of the customer's vision can build original frames. Frames for double-hung, casements, awnings, transom, and many others are all possible to meet your projects unique needs.

Over the years, we have salvaged many varieties of pulleys, arms, hangers, knobs, locks, latches, and the most obscure window accessories. Call to see if we have what you need
I would be shocked if we didn't have the exact weight you are looking for. From half pound donuts to 35+ pounds.
Vintage has worked with many different types of window specialist. We are happy to help get you to the expertise you are looking for in: restoration, reroping, painting, weather stripping, art-glass, installations, removals, and many more professionals you may be looking for. 
We carry Old Wavy Glass that has been salvaged. Many tints and wave intensities are looked through to try to find a match to your current windows. We also have Tempered, Laminate, and many Obscure Patters.